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At Srinagar Temperature Was − 5°C on Monday and Then It Dropped by 2°C on Tuesday. What Was the Temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday? on Wednesday, It Rose by 4°C. What Was the Temperature on this Day? - Mathematics

At Srinagar temperature was − 5°C on Monday and then it dropped by 2°C on Tuesday. What was the temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday? On Wednesday, it rose by 4°C. What was the temperature on this day?

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Temperature on Monday = −5°C

Temperature on Tuesday = Temperature on Monday −2°C

= −5°C − 2°C = −7°C

Temperature on Wednesday = Temperature on Tuesday + 4°C

= −7°C + 4°C = −3°C

Therefore, the temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday was −7ºC and −3ºC respectively

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NCERT Class 7 Maths
Chapter 1 Integers
Exercise 1.1 | Q 3 | Page 4
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