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At a Place like Bhopal One Can See the Midday Sun Exactly Over Head Twice a Year, While at Vidisha, Only a Few Kilometre North of It, One is Not Able to Do So Even Once. Give the Reason Briefly. - Geography

Short Note

At a place like Bhopal one can see the midday sun exactly over head twice a year, while at vidisha, only a few kilometre north of it, one is not able to do so even once. Give the reason briefly.

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Bhopal lies south of the Tropic of Cancer and Vidisha lies north of the Tropic of Cancer. Direct rays of the sun can be experienced only till Tropic of Cancer.

Concept: Factors Influencing/Affecting the Climate
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 3 The Climate of India
Give Reasons | Q 6
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