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Assume that the Chances of the Patient Having a Heart Attack Are 40%. It is Also Assumed that a Meditation and Yoga Course Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack by 30% Find the Probability that the Patient Followed a Course of Meditation and Yoga? - Mathematics

Assume that the chances of the patient having a heart attack are 40%. It is also assumed that a meditation and yoga course reduce the risk of heart attack by 30% and prescription of certain drug reduces its chances by 25%. At a time a patient can choose any one of the two options with equal probabilities. It is given that after going through one of the two options the patient selected at random suffers a heart attack. Find the probability that the patient followed a course of meditation and yoga?

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Let A, E1, and E2 respectively denote the events that a person has a heart attack, the selected person followed the course of yoga and meditation, and the person adopted the drug prescription.

Probability that the patient suffering a heart attack followed a course of meditation and yoga is given by P (E1|A).

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NCERT Class 12 Maths
Chapter 13 Probability
Q 13 | Page 584
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