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Ashita and Lakshita Are Employees Working in Dazzling Enterprises Dealing in Costume Jewellery. the Firm Secured an Urgent Order for 1,000 Bracelets that Were to Be Delivered Within 4 Days. - Business Studies

Short Note

Ashita and Lakshita are employees working in Dazzling  enterprises dealing in costume jewellery. The firm secured  an urgent order for 1,000 bracelets that were to be delivered  within 4 days. They were assigned the responsibility of  producing 500 bracelets each at a cost of Rs 100 per bracelet. Ashita was able to produce the required number within the  stipulated time at the cost of Rs 55,000 whereas, Lakshita was able to produce only 450 units at a cost of Rs 90 per unit.  State whether Ashita and Lakshita are efficient and effective.  Give reasons to justify your answer.

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• Management is the process of getting a task done with the aim of achieving the goals of the organization in an effective and efficient manner. The term effective means completing the given task and efficient means completing the task with minimum cost and time.

• Ashita was effective because she completed her task within time but not efficient as they had to bear a high-cost of Rs 55000.

• Lakshmi was neither effective or efficient as she did not complete her task on time.

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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 1 - Principles and Functions of Management
Chapter 1 Nature and Significance of Management
Short Answer | Q 6 | Page 28
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