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Asharaf Went to See a Movie. He Wanted to Purchase a Movie Ticket for Rs. 80. as the Ticket for Rs. 80 Was Not Available, - Mathematics


Asharaf went to see a movie. He wanted to purchase a movie ticket for Rs. 80. As the ticket for Rs. 80 was not available, he purchased a ticket for Rs. 120 of upper class. How much extra GST did he pay for the ticket? (GST for a ticket below Rs. 100 is 18% and GST for a ticket above Rs. 100 is 28%)

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According to the question,

GST on ticket of Rs. 80 = 18% of 80 = `18/100 xx 80 = "Rs"  14.40`

GST on ticket of Rs. 120 = 28% of 120 = `28/100 xx 120 = "Rs"  33.60`

Difference between both GST = 33.60 - 14.40 = Rs. 19.20 

Concept: Gst Tax Calculation
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Selina Concise Maths Class 10 ICSE
Chapter 1 GST (Goods And Service Tax)
Exercise 1 (A) | Q 15 | Page 10
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