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Solution for Differentiate Between 'Stem Tuber' and 'Tuberous Root'. - HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam - Biology

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Differentiate between 'stem tuber' and 'tuberous root'.


Differentiate between stem tuber and tuberous root:-

  Stem Tuber   Tuberous Root
1 It is an underground stem. 1 It is an underground root.
2 It has axillary buds on its surface. 2 It has adventitious buds on its surface.
3 Under favourable conditions, one of the axillary buds sprouts by suppressing the growth of the other buds. 3 All the adventitious buds sprout under favourable conditions to produce leafy shoots and adventitious roots from the base of the shoot.
4 Examples: Potato 4 Examples: Sweet potato
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 2014-2015 (March) (with solutions)
Question 3.1.3 | 3.00 marks

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Solution Differentiate Between 'Stem Tuber' and 'Tuberous Root'. Concept: Asexual Reproduction.
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