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As the Manager of Sangam Hotel, New Delhi, Writer Claim Letter to the General Manager of Bharat Potteries, Aligarh Road, Bhavanipur, Telling Him that Most of the Content of the China War Which You - Communication Skills

Answer in Brief

As the manager of Sangam Hotel, New Delhi, writer claim letter to the general manager of Bharat potteries, Aligarh Road, Bhavanipur, telling him that most of the content of the China war which you had ordered from their Fame have reached you in a damaged condition. Demand replacement or suitable compensation invent necessary details.( used modified block form).

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42, panipuri street,
New Delhi -1000001
Tel. No.011- 234567.
09 June 2017

The General Manager,
Bharat potteries,
Aligarh Road,
Ref no. FTP/ SAHO/326

Thank you for delivering "La Opala" premium quality fine Bone China ware vide invoice No. SH/07/LO/326; we truly appreciate your promise in executing the order.

However we were distressed to notice that most of the delivered Chinaware has reached us in a damage condition. Evidently, it was not handled carefully during transist. Most of the cups and saucer have cracks, if not broken is repairable of the 200 sets ordered hardly 30 sets are intact.

We were surprised by the highly damaged consignment; as this was not the first time that we had ordered from your frame and earlier we never had cause for complent. We request you to look into this matter at the earliest and either send us a proper replacement Oroville lady friend of Fairmount free acid against the order, we look forward to warfare compensation on this deal. 

Michael Jackson
Manager , supplies.

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