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As Element X Has Mass Number 40 and Contains 21 Neutrons in Its Atom. to Which Group of the Periodic Table Does It Belong? - Science

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As element X has mass number 40 and contains 21 neutrons in its atom. To which group of the periodic table does it belong?

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X belongs to Group 1. The mass number of element X is 40 and the number of neutrons in its atom is 21. In order to find out the group to which the element belongs, we need to know the atomic number of the element. Once we know the atomic number of the element, the electronic configuration and valency can be determined.
Atomic number = Mass number - Number of Neutrons.
Atomic number = 40-21 =19
The electronic configuration of X is 2,8,8,1. The number of valence electrons in X is 1. Therefore, the valency of element X is 1. We know that group 1 elements have a valency of 1.

Concept: History of Periodic Table: Early Attempts at the Classification of Elements
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 5 Periodic Classification Of Elements
Q 66.1 | Page 307
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