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Arrange in order of increasing boiling points 1-Chloropropane, Isopropyl chloride, 1-Chlorobutane - Chemistry

Arrange each set of compounds in order of increasing boiling points.

1-Chloropropane, Isopropyl chloride, 1-Chlorobutane.

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Solution 1

For alkyl halides containing the same halide, the boiling point increases with an increase in the size of the alkyl group. Thus, the boiling point of 1-chlorobutane is higher than that of isopropyl chloride and 1-chloropropane.

Further, the boiling point decreases with an increase in branching in the chain. Thus, the boiling point of isopropyl alcohol is lower than that of 1-chloropropane.

Hence, the given set of compounds can be arranged in the increasing order of their boiling points as:

Isopropyl chloride < 1-Chloropropane < 1-Chlorobutane

Solution 2

Isopropyl chloride < 1 – Chloropropane < 1 – Chlorobutane

Reason :

(a)For same halogen, B.Pt. increases as size of alkyl group increases.

(b)B.Pt. decreases as branching increases.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Q 6.2 | Page 291
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