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Arrange the following: In decreasing order of the pKbvalues: C2H5NH2, C6H5NHCH3, (C2H5)2NH and C6H5NH2 - Chemistry

Arrange the following:

 In decreasing order of the pKbvalues: C2H5NH2, C6H5NHCH3, (C2H5)2NH and C6H5NH2

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In C2H5NH2, only one −C2H5 group is present while in (C2H5)2NH, two −C2H5 groups are present. Thus, the +I effect is more in (C2H5)2NH than in C2H5NH2. Therefore, the electron density over the N-atom is more in (C2H5)2NH than in C2H5NH2. Hence, (C2H5)2NH is more basic than C2H5NH2.

Also, both C6H5NHCH3 and C6H5NHare less basic than (C2H5)2NH and C2H5NH2 due to the delocalization of the lone pair in the former two. Further, among C6H5NHCH3 and C6H5NH2, the former will be more basic due to the +T effect of −CH3 group. Hence, the order of increasing basicity of the given compounds is as follows

C6H5NH2 < C6H5NHCH3 < C2H5NH2 < (C2H5)2NH

We know that the higher the basic strength, the lower is the pKb values.

C6H5NH2 > C6H5NHCH3 > C2H5NH2 > (C2H5)2NH

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 13 Amines
Q 4.1 | Page 400
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