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A farmer borrows Rs.1,000 and agrees to repay with a total interest of Rs. 140 in 12 installments, each installment being less that the preceding installment by Rs. 10. What should be his first installment?


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Which of the following are APs? If they form an A.P. find the common difference d and write three more terms

`2, 5/2, 3, 7/2 ....`

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If five times the fifth term of an A.P. is equal to 8 times its eight term, show that its 13th term is zero

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Which term of the sequence –1, 3, 7, 11, ….. , is 95 ?

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If the mth term of an A.P. be 1/n and nth term be 1/m, then show that its (mn)th term is 1.

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The 13th term of an A.P. is four times its 3rd term. If its 5th term is 16, then find the sum of its first ten terms.

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Solution for concept: Arithmetic Progression. For the course 9th - 10th SSC (English Medium)