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If the nth term of a progression be a linear expression in n, then prove that this progression is an AP


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The 11th term and the 21st term of an A.P. are 16 and 29 respectively, then find:
(a) The first term and common difference
(b) The 34th term
(c) ‘n’ such that tn = 55

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Which of the following are APs? If they form an A.P. find the common difference d and write three more terms.

-1.2, -3.2, -5.2, -7.2 …

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Find 26th term from last of an AP 7, 15, 23……., 767 consits 96 terms

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Write the first three terms in each of the sequences defined by the following

(i) an = 3n + 2                

(ii) an = n2  + 1

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Babubhai borrows Rs. 4,000 and agrees to repay with a total interest of Rs. 500 in 10 instlments, each instalment being less than the preceding instalment by Rs. 10.
What should be the first and the last instalments?

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Solution for concept: Arithmetic Progression. For the course 8th-10th CBSE