Solution - Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle



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An umbrella has 8 ribs which are equally spaced. Assuming umbrella to be a flat circle of radius 45 cm. Find the area between the two consecutive ribs of the umbrella.


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Find the area of a sector of a circle with radius 6 cm if angle of the sector is 60° [Use Π = 22/7]

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A horse is tied to a peg at one corner of a square shaped grass field of side 15 m by means of a 5 m long rope (see the given figure). Find

(i) The area of that part of the field in which the horse can graze.

(ii) The increase in the grazing area of the rope were 10 m long instead of 5 m.

[Use π = 3.14]

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Tick the correct answer in the following:

Area of a sector of angle p (in degrees) of a circle with radius R is

(A) p/180  x 2ΠR

(B) p/180 x Π R2

(C) p/360 x 2Π R

(D) p/720 x 2Π R2

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A round table cover has six equal designs as shown in figure. If the radius of the cover is 28 cm, find the cost of making the designs at the rate of Rs.0.35 per cm2. [Use `sqrt3 = 1.7`


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Find the area of sector whose arc length and radius are 10 cm and 5 cm respectively

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