Solution - Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures



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Find the area of the shaded region in the given figure, where a circular arc of radius 6 cm has been drawn with vertex O of an equilateral triangle OAB of side 12 cm as centre [Use Π = 22/7]


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The area of an equilateral triangle ABC is 17320.5 cm2. With each vertex of the triangle as centre, a circle is drawn with radius equal to half the length of the side of the triangle (See the given figure). Find the area of shaded region. [Use π = 3.14 and `sqrt3 `= 1.73205]

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The given figure depicts a racing track whose left and right ends are semicircular.

The distance between the two inner parallel line segments is 60 m and they are each 106 m long. If the track is 10 m wide, find:

(i) The distance around the track along its inner edge

(ii) The area of the track

 [Use Π = 22/7]

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In fig. 3, a square OABC is inscribed in a quadrant OPBQ of a circle. If OA = 20 cm, find the area of the shaded region. (Use π = 3.14)

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Calculate the area of the designed region in the given figure common between the two quadrants of circles of radius 8 cm each. [Use Π = 22/7]

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AB and CD are respectively arcs of two concentric circles of radii 21 cm and 7 cm and centre O (see the given figure). If ∠AOB = 30°, find the area of the shaded region. [Use Π = 22/7]

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