Area Under Different Crops in a Certain Village is Given Below. Represent It by a Pie Diagram - Algebra


Area under different crops in a certain village is given below. Represent it by a pie diagram :

Corps  Area (in Hectares)
Jowar 80
Wheat 20
Sugarcane 60
Vegetables 20


We compute the central angle for each crop as shown in the following table.

Corps  Area (in Hectares) Measure of central
Jowar 80


Wheat 20


Sugarcane 60


Vegetables 20


Total 180



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Subjectwise marks obtained by a student in an examination are given below

Subject Marks
Marathi 85
Hindi 85
Science 90
Mathematics 100
Total 360

Draw pie diagram

The following pie diagram represents the sectorwise loan amount in crores of rupees distributed by a bank. From the information answer the following questions :

a. If the dairy sector receives `20 crores, then find the total loan disbursed.
b. Find the loan amount for agriculture sector and also for industrial sector.
c. How much additional amount did industrial sector receive than agriculture sector?

The adjoining pie chart gives the marks scored in an examination by a student in Hindi, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. If the total marks obtained by the students were 540, answer the following questions.

  1. In which subject did the student score 105 marks?(Hint: For 540 marks, the central angle = 360°. So, for 105 marks, what is the central angle?)
  2. How many more marks were obtained by the student in Mathematics than in Hindi?
  3. Examine whether the sum of the marks obtained in Social Science and Mathematics is more than that in Science and Hindi.
    (Hint: Just study the central angles)

The age group and number of persons, who donated blood in a blood donation camp is given below. Draw a pie diagram from it.
Age group(Yrs) 20 - 25 25 - 30 30 - 35 35 -40
No. of persons 80 60 35 25

The following table shows the percentages of demands for different fruits registered with a fruit vendor. Show the information by a pie diagram.

Fruits Mango Sweet lime Apples Cheeku Oranges
Percentages of demand 30 15 25 20 10

The pie diagram in figure shows the proportions of different workers in a town. Answer the following question with its help.
 If the total workers is 10,000; how many of them are in the field of construction ?

Find the correct answer from the alternatives given.
Different expenditures incurred on the construction of a building were shown by a pie diagram. The expenditure Rs 45,000 on cement was shown by a sector of central angle of 75°. What was the total expenditure of the construction ?


The following table shows the percentages of vehicles passing a signal. Find out the measures of central angle to show the information by a pie diagram and hence draw the pie diagram.

Type of Vehicle Bicycle Two wheeler Car Bus Rickshaw
Percentage 10 30 20 20 20

Percentage of the different products of a village in a particular district are given below. Draw a pie-chart representing this information.

Items Wheat Pulses Jwar Grounnuts Vegetables Total
% `125/3` `125/6` `25/2` `50/3` `25/3` 100


Draw a pie-diagram for the following data of expenditure pattern in a family:

Items Food Clothing Rent Education Unforeseen events Midicine
Expenditure (in percent) 40% 20% 10% 10% 15% 5%

Represent the following data by a pie-diagram:

Items of expenditure Expenditure
Family A Family B
Food 4000 6400
Clothing 2500 480
Rent 1500 3200
Education 400 1000
Miscellaneous 1600 600
Total 10000 16000

Following is the break up of the expenditure of a family on different items of consumption:

Items Food Clothing Rent Education Fuel etc. Medicine Miscellaneous
Expenditure (in Rs) 1600 200 600 150 100 80 270

Draw a pie-diagram to represent the above data.

The following pie-chart shows the number of students admitted in different faculties of a college. If 1000 students are admitted in Science answer the following:

(i) What is the total number of students?
(ii) What is the ratio of students in science and arts?

In the following figure, the pie-chart shows the marks obtained by a student in various subjects. If the student scored 135 marks in mathematics, find the total marks in all the subjects. Also, find his score in individual subjects.

The following table shows the daily supply of electricity to different places in a town. To show the information by a pie diagram, measures of central angles of sectors are to be decided.
Complete the following activity to find the measure :


Supply of electricity 
(Thousand units)

Measure of central angle
Roads 4 `4/30 xx 360 = 48^circ`
Factories 12 `square/square xx 360 = 144^circ`
shops 6 `6/30 xx 360 = square`
Houses 8 `square/square xx 360 = square`
Total ⇒ 30 `square`

The pie diagram in figure shows the proportions of different workers in a town. Answer the following question  with its help.

What is the percentage of workers in production ?

The following table shows causes of noise pollution. Show it by a pie diagram. 

Traffic Aircraft take offs Industry Trains
10% 50% 9% 20% 11%

Medical check up of 180 women was conducted in a health centre in a village. 50 of them were short of haemoglobin, 10 suffered from cataract and 25 had respiratory disorders. The remaining women were healthy. Show the information by a pie diagram.

On an environment day, students in a school planted 120 trees under plantation project. The information regarding the project is shown in the following table. Show it by a pie diagram. 

Tree name
Karanj Behada Arjun Bakul Kadunimb
No. of trees 20 28 24 22 26

The following diagram represents expenditure on different items in constructing a building.
If the total construction cost of a building is Rs.540000, answer the following questions :

Find the central angle for labour expenditure.

Electricity used by farmers during different parts of a day for irrigation is as follows:

Party of the day  Morning  Afternoon  Evening Night 
percentage of Electricity Used 30 40 20 10

Draw a pie diagram to represent this information. 

The number of hours, spent by a school boy in different activities in a day is given below : 

Activity Sleep School Play Homework Others Total
Number of Hours 7 7 2 4 4 24

Represent the above information using a pie diagram.

The marks obtained by a student in an examination are given below:

Subject Marks
Marathi 85
Hindi 80
English 95
Mathematics 100
Total 360

Represent the data using pie diagram.

On a particular day, the sales (in rupees) of different items of a baker’s shop are given below.
ordinary bread 320
fruit bread 80
cakes and pastries 160
biscuits 120
others 40
Draw a pie chart for this data.

Write down the percentage of content in human body from the given pie-chart.

The number of varieties of ice creams in an ice cream parlour is given below as a pie-chart.

(i) How many varieties of Ice creams are there?

(ii) Find the number of Vanilla Ice creams ______.

(iii) Find the total number of Chocolate and Pista Ice cream _______.

(iv) Find the total number of Ice creams _______.

Absentees record of a class of 30 children is given in a graph.

(i) In which month there are more absentees?
(ii) In which month there are less absentees?

Draw a pie-chart for the favourite sweets of your family members

Collect information about the favorite pets of your classmates. Draw bar-graph and pie-chart for the same data

In the EVS period, the teacher asked children whether they help their parents at home. There were different answers. Children named the work in which they help their parents the most. The teacher collected their answers and made a table.

Help most in housework Number of children
Going to the market 47
Washing utensils 15
Washing clothes 3
Marking serving food 25
Cleaning the house  10
Total children who said they help their parents  

Now you can fill the chapati chart to show the numbers given in the table.

Look and find out

Children who help in making or serving food are

A geometric representation showing the relationship between a whole and its parts is a ______.

The following pie chart represents the distribution of proteins in parts of a human body. What is the ratio of distribution of proteins in the muscles to that of proteins in the bones?

What is the central angle of the sector (in the above pie chart) representing skin and bones together?

What is the central angle of the sector (in the above pie chart) representing hormones enzymes and other proteins ______.

In a pie chart a whole circle is divided into sectors.

In a pie chart two or more central angles can be equal.

Study the pie chart given below depicting the marks scored by a student in an examination out of 540. Find the marks obtained by him in each subject.

The following data represents the different number of animals in a zoo. Prepare a pie chart for the given data.

Animals Number of animals
Deer 42
Elephant 15
Giraffe 26
Reptiles 24
Tiger 13

A survey was carried out to find the favourite beverage preferred by a certain group of young people. The following pie chart shows the findings of this survey.

From this pie chart answer the following:
(i) Which type of beverage is liked by the maximum number of people.
(ii) If 45 people like tea, how many people were surveyed?

The following data represents the approximate percentage of water in various oceans. Prepare a pie chart for the given data.

Ocean Percentage of water
Pacific 40%
Atlantic 30%
Indian 20%
Others 10%


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