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Are You a Member of a Certain Group? Discuss What Motivated You to Join that Group. - Psychology

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Answer in Brief

Are you a member of a certain group? Discuss what motivated you to join that group.

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Yes, I am a member of a certain group.These are the factors which motivated me to join that group :-

1. Security :- When we are alone, we feel insecure.  Groups  reduce  this insecurity. Being with people gives a sense of comfort, and protection. As a result, people feel stronger, and are less vulnerable to threats.

2. Status :- When we are members of a group that is perceived to be important by others, we feel recognised and experience a sense of power. Suppose your school wins in an inter-institutional debate competition, you feel proud and think that you are better than others.

3. Self-esteem :- Groups provide feelings of self-worth and establish a positive social identity. Being a member of prestigious groups enhances one’s self-concept.

4. Satisfaction of one’s psychological and social needs :- Groups satisfy one’s social and psychological needs such as sense of belongingness, giving and receiving attention, love, and power through a group.

5. Goal achievement :- Groups help in achieving such goals which cannot be attained individually. There is power in the majority.

6. Provide knowledge and information :- Group membership provides knowledge and information and thus broadens our view. As individuals, we may not have all the required information. Groups supplement this information and knowledge.

Concept: Introduction to Social Influence and Group Processes
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 7 Social Influence and Group Processes
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 150
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