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Any Two Non-verbal Methods of Communication During a Presentation. - Communication Skills

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Any two non-verbal methods of communication during a presentation.

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The non-verbal methods of communication during a presentation are :
1) Kinesics :
i) Kinesics is the name given to the study of the body’s physical movements and hence it is also referred to as the body language .It is the way the body communicates without words i.e. through various movements of its parts .
ii) The body movements are often determined by internal psychological stimuli like emotions ,feelings ,etc . Emotions like anger ,restlessness ,joy ,sadness or dejection find expression by body language more than through vertical dialogue .
iii) Body language is a good measure of the psychological disposition of a person .The silent films of Charlie Chaplin is an excellent example of how well a message could be communicated only by the use of body language .
iv) One cannot rely on body language completely as it is indicative and can differ from culture to culture .Gestures and postures can be grossly misunderstood .Even then ,body language can give an idea about the senders psychological state of mind to a great extent ,which can help the receiver to respond accordingly .
v) Body language can help the manager to know in advance the mental attitude of his subordinates and this can help him in deciding the next course of action .In business negotiations ,marketing ,interviewing ,formal meetings and even informal interactions , body language plays a significant role .
2) Kinesics Body Language :
i) Body language as kinesics is the most widely used medium of communication . Body language is a passive medium where the body does not wait for the conscious mind to signal messages . The different body movements convey meaning .
ii) The body movements are often determined by internal psychological stimuli like emotions , feeling ,etc .Emotions like anger ,restlessness ,joy ,sadness or dejection find expression more by body language than by its verbal counterpart .Body language is a good gauge to measure the psychological disposition of a person.

iii) Body movements could be mastered through training and practice as actors and dancers do in their performances .
iv) Body language includes communication conveyed by facial expressions , gestures , postures and even dress or appearance .
The types of Kinesics Body Language are :
a) Facial Expressions : The face acts as the mirror of feelings and emotions . Feelings like embarrassment, surprise, anger, boredom ,restlessness ,disgust or fear show up on the face unconsciously .
b) Oculesics ( Eye contact ) : The eyes not only receive signals but also provide an important focus for face-to-face communication .Proper eye contact is required when two people interact with each other
c) Gestures : Gestures convey meaning by movement of the limbs .Gestures help to add emphasis to oral communication .Gestures are involuntary and habitual .
d) Postures : Posture is determined by the movement of the lower torso .The position of the body communicates the mental disposition and like gestures ,this is often involuntary .
e) Proxemics : Proxemics is the study of human use of space and the effects that population density has on behaviour ,communication and social interaction .
f) Chronemics Time Language : Chronemics is the study of how human beings communicate through their use of time .Time language is the communicators approach and perception to time .
g) Haptics ( Communication by touch ) : The sender and the receiver can communicate with each other by means of direct physical contact which is haptics or touch .

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