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Answer the Question. Discuss the Role of Caste in Indian Politics. - Political Science

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Answer the question.
Discuss the role of caste in Indian politics.

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The caste system plays a significant role in Indian politics. It helps in the direction of political socialization, political mobilization, and institutionalisation. Various policies and programs of political parties are made on the basis of caste. Even the positions within a political party are determined on the basis of caste. Caste plays a vital role in elections as people select their candidates on the basis of caste.

Hence, caste is encashed by the leaders for vote bank. Caste also plays the role of pressure group in the arena of politics, as political bargaining is also based on caste. The administration is also influenced by caste as appointments, postings and transfers are also influenced by caste. Even the officials also carry out their administrative decisions keeping in mind caste considerations.

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