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Answer the Question Briefly. Explain Four Features of an Authoritarian State. - Political Science

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Short Note

Answer the question briefly.
Explain four features of an Authoritarian State.

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Four features of an Authoritarian State are as follows:

  1. Power is vested in one hand: One ruler or a small group of leaders has the real power. The authoritarian government can be formed by kings, emperors, a small group of aristocrats, military leaders, dictators, and even presidents or prime ministers.
  2. No say of citizens in decision making :
    There can be elections of a contract between the rulers and citizens but citizen doesn’t have any say in the way they are ruled out. The ruler chooses how to govern the people. Citizens don’t have any voice in decision making and have to obey the authoritarian ruler.
  3. The title of the ruler doesn’t indicate the type of government: The leaders are usually from small groups, like top military officials or aristocratic families. For example, countries like Myanmar, Cuba, China, and Iran have authoritarian regimes.
  4. No freedom for citizens: The citizens don’t have any rights like freedom of speech, press or religion and they have to submit to the desires of the ruler.
Concept: Totalitarian and Authoritarian States
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