Answer the Question Based on the Following Information. Indicate Which of the Statements Given with that Particular Question Consistent with the Description of Unreasonable Man in the Passage Below. - English Language

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Answer the question based on the following information. Indicate which of the statements given with that particular question consistent with the description of unreasonable man in the passage below.

Unreasonableness is a tendency to do socially permissible things at the wrong time. The unreasonable man is the sort of person who comes to confide in you when you are busy. He serenades his beloved when she is ill. He asks a man who has just lost money by paying a bill for a friend to pay a bill for him. He invites a friend to go for a ride just after the friend has finished a long car trip. He is eager to offer services wh1ch are not wanted, but which cannot be politely refused. If he is present at an arbitration, he stirs up dissension between the two parties, who were really anxious to agree. Such is the unreasonable man.

The unreasonable man tends to 


  • bring a higher bidder to a salesman who has just dosed a deal

  • disclose confidential tnformat1on to others

  • sing the praise of the bride when he goes to a wedding

  • sleep late and rise early

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bring a higher bidder to a salesman who has just dosed a deal

Concept: Comprehension Passages (Entrance Exams)
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