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Answer the following. What is the Green Revolution ? - Political Science

Answer in Brief

Answer the following.

What is the Green Revolution?

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Green Revolution refers to a large increase in crop production that is achieved by the use of high yielding crop varieties, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, machines, and better management of agricultural resources. Norman Borlaug, an agricultural scientist of the USA is considered as Father of the Green Revolution for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1970). In India, M.S. Swaminathan is credited with introducing the Green Revolution in 1965 especially in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. This was necessitated due to famine and acute food shortages due to low productivity in food production. Green Revolution was mainly in wheat, maize, and gram production. During its early years, the Green Revolution yielded great economic prosperity leading to significant increases in agricultural output and farmers' incomes. However, this did not benefit marginal farmers who could not afford expensive inputs.

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Balbharati Political Science 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3 Key Concepts and Issues since 1991: Humanitarian Issues
Exercise Q.5 | Q 1 | Page 34
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