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Answer the following:

What are anode and cathode for Leclanche' dry cell?



The container of the cell is made of zinc which serves as anode (–) and an inert graphite rod in the centre of the cell immersed in the electrolyte paste (manganese dioxide (MnO2) and carbon black) serves as cathode (+).

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Chapter 5: Electrochemistry - Exercises [Page 119]


Answer the following in brief.

Why do the cell potential of lead accumulators decrease when it generates electricity? How the cell potential can be increased?

Answer the following in brief.

Write the electrode reactions and net cell reaction in NICAD battery.

Answer the following:

Write the electrode reactions when lead storage cell generates electricity. What are the anode and cathode and write the electrode reactions during its recharging?

Write the potential produced through the NICAD storage cell.

Mercury battery provides more constant voltage than any other dry cell: Explain.

Why is Nickel-cadmium cell referred to as a secondary cell?

Write working of NICAD storage cell. Also write its applications.

Find INCORRECT statement with reference to NICAD cell.

Which of the following statements are CORRECT for NICAD cell and mercury battery?

I. Both can be recharged.

II. Both cannot be recharged.

III. Both are secondary voltaic cells.

IV. Both cells work using an acidic electrolyte.

Identify the INCORRECT statement about mercury battery.

The NICAD cell provides a potential of __________.

The mercury battery provides a constant voltage of ____________.

During discharging the change taking place at cathode in lead accumulator is:

When dry cell is in use the change taking place at cathode is ______.

Which cells is used as a source of power in flashlights?

Write electrode reactions and overall cell reaction when Leclanche's dry cell generates electricity.

In dry cell, what acts as a negative electrode?

Which among the following equations represents the reduction reaction taking place in lead accumulator at positive electrode, while it is being used as a source of electrical energy?

What is the density of the solution of sulphuric acid used as an electrolyte in a lead accumulator?

NICAD storage cell is made up of ______ electrodes.

Draw a neat labelled diagram of lead accumulator.

Write the net cell reaction during discharging of lead accumulator.


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