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Answer the Following Questions with Reference to Ray Douglas Bradbury’S Short Story, ‘All Summer in a Day’: Why Was There So Much Excitement in the Schoolroom that Morning? What Sets Margot Apart from - English 2 (Literature in English)

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Short Note

Answer the following questions with reference to Ray Douglas Bradbury’s short story, ‘All Summer in a Day’:
Why was there so much excitement in the schoolroom that morning? What sets Margot apart from the other children?

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The children were eagerly waiting for a momentous occasion. It had been raining for seven years and now the scientists on Venus had predicted that the sun would appear for a brief period of time. Margot was like a stranger in her class. She had come to this planet (Venus) only five years ago from Earth. She still remembered the sun and the sky and how they looked when she was only four years old in the city of Ohio.

The other children in the school had been on Venus all their lives and they had been only two years old when last the sun came out on Venus. Since they were small at that time, they had now forgotten the colour and heat of the sun and how it looked. When Margot told them that the sun was like a penny or like fire in the stove, nobody was ready to believe her. They thought that she was lying.

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