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Answer the Following Question. Write Three Points of Differences Between Para-, Dia- and Ferromagnetic Materials, Giving One Example for Each. - Physics


Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Write three points of differences between para-, dia- and ferromagnetic materials, giving one example for each. 



These substances are strongly attracted by a magnetic field. Ferromagnetic substances can be permanently magnetized even in the absence of a magnetic field. These substances move (strongly) towards the strong field region when kept a non-uniform external magnetic field. Some examples of ferromagnetic substances are iron, cobalt, nickel, gadolinium  


The substances that are attracted by a magnetic field are called paramagnetic substances. These substances get magnetized in a magnetic field in the same direction but lose magnetism when the magnetic field is removed. Paramagnetic material moves (weakly) towards the weak field region when kept a non-uniform external magnetic field. To undergo paramagnetism, a substance must have one or more unpaired electrons.
Example O2


This is a form of magnetism that is only exhibited by a substance in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. It is generally quite a weak effect in most materials, although superconductors exhibit a strong effect. Diamagnetic material moves (very weakly) away from the strong-field region towards the weak field region. Diamagnetic atoms have only paired electrons. Example H2

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