Answer the Following Question. Write the Characteristics of Ramapithecus, Dryopithecus, and Neanderthal Man. - Biology

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Answer the following question.
Write the characteristics of Ramapithecus, Dryopithecus, and Neanderthal man.

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Characteristics of Ramapithecus : 

  • It evolved around 15 mya.
  • More man-like, walked more erect, teeth like modern man.

Characteristics of Dryopithecus : 

  • It evolved around 25 mya.
  • Ape like hairy arms and legs of the same length, large brain, ate soft fruits and leaves, walked like gorillas and chimpanzees.

Characteristics of Neanderthal Man : 

  • It evolved around 1,00,000-40,000 year ago.
  • Fossil found in east and central Asia, brain size 1400 cc used hides to protect the body, buried their dead.
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