Answer the Following Question. "Women Still Lag Much Behind Men in India Despite Some Improvements since Independence." Analyse the Statement. - Social Science

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
"Women still lag much behind men in India despite some improvements since independence." Analyse the statement.

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Women are still lagging behind men under certain scenarios in India :

  • In political aspects, the role of women is still the lowest in the Houses of Parliament and in State legislatures. While in America, England, etc, women are given seats in Parliament even though there are male members.
  • In India, though there are many organizations fighting for equal participation of women in politics, it has been fulfilled to some extent.
  • Only in local governing bodies are women given priority as ward members, councilors, etc.
  • In rural areas, female foeticide and female infanticide persist as girl child are considered as a burden to family here.
  • Child marriage and dowry system is prevalent in some parts of Rajasthan where people are illiterate and marry girls at a young age.
Concept: Gender and Politics
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2018-2019 (March) 32/1/1

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