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Answer the Following Question. Why Should There Be an Equitable Distribution of Resources? List Three Forces that Would Be Working Against an Equitable Distribution of Our Resources. - Science

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Why should there be an equitable distribution of resources? List three forces that would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources.

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Natural resources, like water, forest among others are resources that are needed by all organisms. They have biological as well as ecological importance in any ecosystem. Ecological services like oxygen production, food production are a few to name. Hence, they should be equally distributed for healthy sustenance of organisms and ecosystems.

There are certain forces that disrupt the equal distribution of such:

  • Geographical limitations - While the equatorial regions are rich in natural resources, the regions near the poles are not.
  • Human exploitation - Humans have and are consuming natural resources at an unprecedented rate, degrading their availability in certain regions.
  • Selfish attitude - Natural resources also suffer at the hand of rich and powerful as they use the resources to their advantage.
Concept: Case Study: Ganga Pollution and Ganga Action Plan
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