Maharashtra State BoardHSC Science (General) 11th
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Answer the following question. Why is a minimum two stage rocket necessary for launching of a satellite? - Physics

Short Note

Answer the following question.

Why is a minimum two-stage rocket necessary for launching of a satellite?

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  1. For the projection of an artificial satellite, it is necessary for the satellite to have a certain velocity.
  2. In a single stage rocket, when the fuel in the first stage of the rocket is ignited on the surface of the Earth, it raises the satellite vertically.
  3. The velocity of the projection of the satellite normal to the surface of the Earth is the vertical velocity.
  4. If this vertical velocity is less than the escape velocity (ve), the satellite returns to the Earth’s surface. While, if the vertical velocity is greater than or equal to the escape velocity, the satellite will escape from Earth’s gravitational influence and go to infinity.
  5. Hence, a minimum two-stage rocket, one to raise the satellite to the desired height and another to provide the required horizontal velocity, is necessary for launching of a satellite.
Concept: Earth Satellites
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Balbharati Physics 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Gravitation
Exercises | Q 2. (xiv) | Page 97
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