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Answer the Following Question. Who Had Organized the Dalits into the 'Depressed Classes Association' in 1930? Describe His Achievements. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
Who had organized the Dalits into the 'Depressed Classes Association' in 1930? Describe his achievements.

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B.R Ambedkar sought reservation for Dalits in educational institutions. For him, political empowerment was the only way of achieving upliftment for Dalits ​B.R. Ambedkar and other Dalit leaders demanded separate electorates for the depressed classes in order to protect their interest and extending political power to them. B.R. Ambedkar formed the Depressed Classes Association in 1930 and demanded the following:

  1. To bring about political empowerment of the depressed classes.
  2. To have reserved seats in the educational institutions.

  3. Demanded separate electorates and bring about social justice.
  4. He also mooted the idea of reservation for Dalits which brought him in a clash with Gandhi.

  5. It was with Ambedkar's constant persuasion which was eventually resolved with the Poona Pact of 1932, which provided for reserved seats in  Provincial and Central Legislatures for them. 

  6. Ambedkar also launched protests and movement against untouchability.
  7. He also launched the Kalaram temple movement that sought entry of Dalit in the Brahmin dominated temple.

  8. He also sought the support of Constituent assembly members for providing reservation to SCs and STs.
Concept: Nationalism in India - Movements of Peasants, Workers, Tribals.
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