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Answer the Following Question. What is the Feedback Mechanism of Harmonic Regulation. Take the Example of Insulin to Explain this Phenomenon. - The Tropic Movements in Plants

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
What is the feedback mechanism of harmonic regulation. Take the example of insulin to explain this phenomenon.

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The endocrine glands secrete hormones depending upon the need of the organism. The level of hormones secreted should be in an accurate amount. The regulation of the quantity of the hormones and the timing of its release is controlled by feedback mechanisms.

There are two types of feedback mechanisms - positive and negative feedback.

  1. Positive feedback: In this mechanism, the response accelerates after the feedback. The effect is further intensified in the same direction. It helps in speeding up the process occurring in various body systems. It is the opposite of negative feedback.
  2. Negative feedback: In this mechanism, the information given by the feedback causes a reverse response. It occurs when the system needs to slow down or completely stop a process.

For example, when we consume a carbohydrate-rich diet, it is digested into glucose. The glucose is then absorbed by the blood. This results in the increase of blood sugar level and leads to the stimulation of the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin stimulates the target cells to take up the extra glucose from the blood. This glucose is either used during respiration or stored as glycogen. Thus, the level of insulin is reduced as the pancreas receives negative feedback.

Concept: The Tropic Movements in Plants
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