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Answer the Following Question. State the Importance of a Genetic Code in Protein Biosynthesis. - Biology


Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
State the importance of a Genetic code in protein biosynthesis.


The genetic code is a set of three different nucleotides taken at a time that code for a specific amino acid.

  1. A codon is a triplet. 3 4 = 64 (61 codons code for amino acids while 3 are stop codons)  
  2. One codon codes for a single specific amino acid. Codons are unambiguous.  
  3. Codons are degenerate since some amino acids are coded by more than one codon.  
  4. The genetic code is universal. 1 codon codes for the same amino acid in all species.  
  5. Codons are read continuously. They lack punctuation.  
  6. AUG has dual functions - Codes for Methionine and acts as a start codon
Concept: Genetic Code - Introduction of Genetic Code
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