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Answer the Following Question. State Bohr'S Quantization Condition of Angular Momentum. Calculate the Shortest Wavelength of the Bracket Series and State to Which Part of the Electromagnetic - Physics

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Answer the following question.
State Bohr's quantization condition of angular momentum. Calculate the shortest wavelength of the Bracket series and state to which part of the electromagnetic spectrum it belongs. 

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According to Bohr's quantization, the electrons revolve around the nucleus only in those orbits for which the angular momentum is the integral multiple of 


`L = (nh)/2`

for bracket series n2 = ∞

`1/λ = R_HZ^2{1/4^2 - 1/∞}`

`1/λ = R_H/16`

`λ = 16/R_H = 14.58 xx 10^-7`m

This wavelength belongs to the infrared region.

Concept: De Broglie’S Explanation of Bohr’S Second Postulate of Quantisation
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