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Answer the Following Question. State Any Two Important Aspects of Environmental Management. - Geography

Short Note

Answer the following question.
State any two important aspects of environmental management.

Answer the following question.
Why is there a need for environmental management in India?

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Solution 1

Important aspects of environmental management are :

  1. To create a pollution-free environment and to establish coordination between government and non-government organizations.
  2. To educate people at all levels.
  3. To develop long-term and short-term plans for the conservation of the environment.
  4. To protect the bio-diversity of the world.

Solution 2

The need for management of the environment has emerged as a major concern before the world community and this need is felt more urgently in developing countries like India. New innovations such as sustainable/clean technologies, environmental auditing, eco-friendly products, etc., have been developed to save our environment from degradation.

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