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Answer the Following Question. Prove that the Average Energy Density of the Oscillating Electric Field is Equal to that of the Oscillating Magnetic Field. - Physics



Answer the following question.
Prove that the average energy density of the oscillating electric field is equal to that of the oscillating magnetic field.


Energy density in the electric field is `U_E = 1/2ε_0E^2`

Energy density in the magnetic field is `U_B = 1/(2μ_0)B^2`

We know E = Bc

`c = 1/sqrt(ε_0μ_0)`

`U_E = 1/2ε_0(cB)^2 = 1/2ε_0(1/(ε_0μ_0))B^2 = B^2/(2μ_0)`

now, `U_E = U_B`

Concept: Electric Field - Introduction of Electric Field
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