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Answer the Following Question. Pollen Banks Are Playing a Very Important Role in Promoting Plant Breeding Programs the World Over. How Are Pollens Preserved in the Pollen Banks? Explain. How Are Such - Biology


Short Note

Answer the following question.
Pollen banks are playing a very important role in promoting plant breeding programs the world over. How are pollens preserved in the pollen banks? Explain. How are such banks benefitting our farmers? Write any two ways.


Pollen banks are used to store pollens for a very long period of time in viable conditions. Pollens are preserved in a bank using cryopreservation i.e., they are stored in a viable condition in low-temperature conditions (-196 degree Celsius) using liquid nitrogen.

The important applications of pollen banks for our farmers are the following:  

  1. To preserve the agricultural biodiversity in the form of preservation of valuable genetic resources.  
  2. These pollens can be used in various crop hybridization breeding programs, biochemical and physiochemical studies such as the study of allergens, etc.
Concept: Pre-fertilisation - Structures and Events - Stamen, Microsporangium and Pollen Grain
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