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Answer the Following Question. 'Organizing Involves a Series of Steps in Order to Achieve the Desired Goals.' Explain These Steps. - Business Studies

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Answer the following question.
Organising involves a series of steps in order to achieve the desired goals

Answer the following question.
'Organizing involves a series of steps in order to achieve the desired goals.' Explain these steps.

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Organising refers to the procedure wherein various activities in an organisation are aligned in order. This function brings together human efforts and resources in the organisation.

Steps involved in the process of organising:

  1. Identification and Division of Work: The first step in the process of organising is to identify the various activities in the organisation and to divide them according to the plans. The division of work ensures that there is no duplication of work. In this way, it avoids the wastage of resources.
  2. Creation of Departments: When the work is divided, activities which are similar are grouped together in departments. This grouping can be done on the basis of criteria such as regions and products. It promotes specialisation in work
  3. Assigning Duties: The third step is to assign and allocate the work to different employees. It must be ensured that the work is assigned according to the skills and capabilities of employees. In other words, it must be ensured that the most suitable person is selected for the work.
  4. Establishing Relationships: A proper hierarchical structure must be established. Every employee must be clear from whom he would take orders and to whom he is reporting. Such clarity in working relationships helps in smooth operations in the organisation.
Concept: Steps in the Process of Organising
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