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Answer the Following Question. Mention the Special Adaptations Evolved in Parasites and Why? - Biology

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Short Note

Answer the following question.
Mention the special adaptations evolved in parasites and why?

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The survival of a parasite in the body of the host depends upon its ability to adapt to the surrounding environment at the site of its infection. Certain morphological, anatomical, and physiological changes occur because of which the parasite survives in the host.
These are as follows:

  1. Body shape and size of the parasite depends upon the space available at the site of infection. e.g., Intracellular parasites are very small in size – Plasmodium.
  2. Locomotory structures almost absent in the parasitic forms, as they need not move in search of food.
  3. In the case of intestinal parasites, there is every possibility, that they are either harmed, injured, or digested by the gastrointestinal secretions of the host.
  4. To protect from the harmful effects of digestive enzymes, the parasite’s body surface is covered with cuticle (Nematodes – Ascaris lumbricoides).
Concept: Common Diseases in Humans
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