Answer the Following Question. Management is a Complex Activity that Has Three Main Dimensions. Explain These Dimensions. - Business Studies

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Answer the following question.
Management is a complex activity that has three main dimensions. Explain these dimensions.

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Management is a complex activity that has three main dimensions. 

The following are the three main dimensions of management:

1. Managing the work: With management, the work of an organisation is interpreted in terms of the objectives and goals achieved owing to the work. Management also specifies the guidelines regarding how these objectives can be achieved.

2. Managing the people: Managing the people implies dealing with the employees both as individuals and as a group such that their strengths are utilised and their weaknesses are identified.

3. Managing the operations: The production process where the inputs are transformed into a product or a service requires continuous management in order to ensure the utilisation of the resources efficiently and effectively.

Concept: Concept of Management
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