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Answer the Following Question: List the Important Products of the Chlor-alkali Process. Write One Important Use of Each. - Science

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question:
List the important products of the Chlor-alkali process. Write one important use of each.

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There are three products that are produced in the Chlor-alkali process, which are Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH), chlorine gas (Cl2) and hydrogen gas(H2).

Uses of sodium hydroxide:
1. It is used in the manufacturing of paper.
2. It is used for making soaps and detergents.

Uses of chlorine gas: 
1. It is used in the production of bleaching powder.
2. It is used to make plastics(PVC), pesticide chlorofluorocarbon(CFCs),  chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, Paints. 

Uses of hydrogen gas:
1. It is used as a fuel for rockets.
2. It is used in the hydrogenation of oils to obtain vegetable ghee.

Concept: Chemicals from Common Salt (Uses of Salt) - Preparation and Uses of Sodium Hydroxide
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