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Answer the Following Question. List Six Advantages of the "Ex-situ' Approach to Conservation of Biodiversity. - Biology


Answer in Brief

Answer the following question.
List six advantages of the "ex-situ' approach to conservation of biodiversity.


Ex-situ conservation involves the protection of the plants and animals away from the natural habitat. Zoological parks, botanical gardens, and wildlife safari parks serve this purpose.

It offers the following advantages:  

  1. The endangered organisms are protected from their exploitation and can be maintained in artificial habitats.  
  2. Their breeding programs can be regulated and the gametes, as well as embryos, can be preserved in viable and fertile conditions.  
  3. Seeds from different genetic strains can be made to undergo hybridization and can be kept for future experiments.  
  4. The health of individuals can be monitored and medical assistance can be given as required.  
  5. Modern reproductive technology can increase the chances of reproductive success.  
  6. Research into reproductive physiology, lifestyle, and ecology of an endangered species is made easier.
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