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Answer the Following Question in Five Or Six Sentences: What Are the Measures Suggested to Remove the Defects of the Public Distribution System? - Geography

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question in five or six sentences:

What are the measures suggested to remove the defects of the Public Distribution System?

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  1. Food Banks: - It is essential to establish food banks and to modernize godown in every state. So, food grain can be properly stored.
  2. Extension of the coverage of P.D.S: - The coverage of P.D.S. has to be extended so that no needy person will be deprived of the benefits of P.D.S.
  3. Restructuring of P.D.S: - It is necessary to check various malpractices in P.D.S. rationing officers must-visit fair price shops frequently to know their problems. It is necessary to eliminate bogus ration cards by raids of ‘flying squads; The cost of handling goods and transport costs has to be reduced.
Concept: Objectives of Public Distribution System
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