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Answer the following question in detail.During the Mughal period, what were the changes made in the revenue system? - History

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question in detail.
During the Mughal period, what were the changes made in the revenue system?

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  1. Akbar made further reforms in the revenue system implemented by Shershah Sur.
  2. This bought a certain discipline in the Mughal revenue system.
  3. He graded the cultivable land-based on a systematic land survey.
  4. The land was classified into four types on the basis of annual yield, i.e. fertile (supik), infertile (napik), irrigated (bagayat) and dry crop Girayat) land.
  5. Individual land holdings of farmers were registered.
  6. An average of the annual yield in the last ten years was calculated and one-third of this average yield was fixed as the base for the tax to be paid.
  7. The tax, thus fixed, was applicable for the span of ten years. This offered considerable respite to farmers for a span of ten years.
  8. Documents known as 'Kabulayat' and 'Patta' were prepared from the farmers after the fixing of the tax rate. The tax was collected in cash or in kind.
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Balbharati History 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 15 India during Mughal period
Exercise | Q Q.4 (1) | Page 116
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