Answer the Following Question in Detail. Write in Detail About the Natural Vegetation and Animals of Peninsular (Deccan) Plateau. - Geography

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Short Note

Answer the following question in detail.

Write in detail about the natural vegetation and animals of Peninsular (Deccan) Plateau.

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Deccan Plateau has a rich variety of forests. There are tropical evergreen forests, wet deciduous forests, dry deciduous forests and thorny scrub forests. Teak, sal,
sheesham, sandalwood, khair and Arjun are some varieties of trees found in the region. Sandalwood is commercially valuable. Four-horned antelope, blackbuck,
gaur and wild buffaloes are found here. Tigers and sloth bear are some other animals. The Indian giant squirrel and Jerdon’s Courser (bird) are endangered

Concept: Concept for Telangana Plateau
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2015-2016 (March)

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