Answer the Following Question in 25-30 Words. in What Way Tourism Becomes a Major Source of Their Livelihood? - History and Political Science

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Answer the following question in 25-30 words.
In what way tourism becomes a major source of their livelihood? 

Give elaborate answer to the following.

In what way tourism becomes a major source of their livelihood?

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Solution 1

1) The arrival of tourists will start to pay money for visa’s approval before they arrive in our country.

2) Once arrived, the Hotels are booked for their stay- this leads to the development of the Hospitality Industry.

3) Local guides are to be trained, and it gives good employment opportunities for them if tourism is to be developed.

4) Local markets near the historical or heritage sites will attract tourist towards them, and it provides a good market for local handicrafts and handlooms.

Solution 2

  1. With the development of a tourist center, the markets in the locality also grow.
  2. It leads to the expansion of local handicrafts and cottage industries.
  3. Moreover, the demand for locally processed food and ethnic handicrafts also increases.
  4. All these developments create good employment opportunities for a large

number of people like artisans, business people, and wage earners. Thus, the tourism industry helps in the generation of employment opportunities at the local level.

Concept: Professional Opportunities in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
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