Answer the Following Question. How Has the Ever-increasing Number of Industries in India Made a Worse Position by Exerting Pressure on Existing Fresh Water Resources? Explain. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
How has the ever-increasing number of industries in India made a worse position by exerting pressure on existing fresh water resources? Explain.



Water is available in abundance, around three fourth of the earth is covered with water. However, only a small proportion of it actually accounts for freshwater which can be put to use rest is saline water not suitable for human consumption.

  1. Water is a scarce resource and a life-sustaining resource.
  2. Water scarcity is the result of many factors, like industrialization, urbanization.
  3. Post-independence India pursued a policy of rapid industrialization to bring about growth and prosperity.
  4. Rise of industrial units, their growing use of water became one of the factors for water scarcity.
  5. Apart from that industries need electricity to remain operational and carry out production, much of their energy needs come from hydroelectric power.
  6. The industrialisation has also impacted the quality of water, bad quality of water due to pollution, dumping of chemical and industrial waste, garbage dumping also accounts for shortage of water.
  7. Unequal distribution of water among different social groups also accounts for water scarcity. The poor in the rural areas blame the state machinery of diverting water in urban areas and benefiting the rich and helping industrial outlets.
Concept: Concept of Water Scarcity
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