Answer the Following Question. How Had the Translation Process of Novels into Regional Languages Helped to Spread Their Popularity? - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
How had the translation process of novels into regional languages helped to spread their popularity?


English novels translated into regional Indian languages were initially not very popular as the Indian people could not relate to the stories or characters in those novels. People wanted novels that narrated stories close to their own lives and set in their own geographic location.

Novels became an important piece of literary work that connected cultures, people With more and more novels began to be published, a new readership of the novel came to be formed. With an increase in literacy rate,   more people were interested in reading and buying books. Later women, children, workers also became part of the reading culture.  Novels also created a sense of shared community, bringing understanding of different cultures, values.  Many novels were written in the west that connected the urban people with the plight of rural communities. For example, Hardy’s Mayor of Casterbridge focused on traditional rural communities and the impact of commercialization and mechanization on the farmers.

Concept: Novels, Society and History - Relationship Between the Novel and Changes in Modern Society
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