Answer the Following Question. How Had the Imperial State in China Been the Major Producer of Printed Material for a Long Time? Explain with Examples. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
How had the Imperial State in China been the major producer of printed material for a long time? Explain with examples.



The following can be the cause of why China is still regarded to be the pioneer in printing materials:

  • The earliest print technique developed in China.
  • In this technology, books were printed by rubbing paper against inked wooden blocks
  • It was in vogue for a long time until print technology improved  with the use of printed material
  • The imperial state in China was a large bureaucratic system, that sponsored the printing technique by way of conducting examination for recruitment of its personnel
  • This print volume increased every year which made the Imperial state in China a major producer of printed material for a long time.
Concept: Print Culture and the Modern World - Relationship Between Print Culture, Public Debate and Politics
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