Answer the Following Question. How Can Consumers Use Their 'Right to Seek Redressal'? Explain with Example. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
How can consumers use their 'Right to Seek Redressal'? Explain with example.



It is defined a the right to seek compensation due to damage caused by unfair trade practices and exploitation. The compensation awarded depends on the degree of damage. Consumers have the right to get their claims settled in their favor in case of being cheated and exploited by the producers. Under the Consumer Protection Act 1986, a three-tier judicial system has been formed This act provides the establishment of consumer disputes redressal agencies at the district, state and national levels. Consumers can invoke their right to redressal and right to represent. We may give the example of a person who is dissatisfied with services provided by say MTNL, BSNL, or Airtel and thereafter files a case at the consumer court.

Concept: Role of Government in Consumer Protection
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