Answer the Following Question. How Can Consumer Awareness Be Spread Among Consumers to Avoid Exploitation in the Market Place? Explain Any Three Ways. - Social Science

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Answer the following question.
How can consumer awareness be spread among consumers to avoid exploitation in the market place? Explain any three ways.



Consumer awareness is essential to avoid exploitation in the market because a lack of awareness makes consumers easy prey to exploitation. The awareness will help them to know about their rights, the quality of the products, expire dates, adulteration, etc so, that if they are deceived by the sellers they will take their cases to consumer courts where the justice is given to the victims.

A consumer is an individual (or a group of individuals)who consumes the final goods and services for personal use and not for resale or manufacturing. Consumer Awareness refers to the concept of making the consumer aware of his/her rights. It ensures that the consumers are well acquainted with their rights and duties regarding matters such as the choice between various products, right information about all the commodities, the safety of the products he is consuming, a right to be heard in case of dispute, etc

Concept: Rise of Consumer Awareness
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