Answer the Following Question: Explain the Functions of Business Letters. - Business Studies

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Answer in Brief

Answer the following question:
Explain the functions of business letters. 

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Functions of business letters:

  1. Wide Coverage:
    A business firm cannot send its representatives to each and every area of operation. It can approach the persons and other firms through letters.
  2. Exchange of Information:
    Business firms can exchange information with various parties with the help of letters. They can obtain crucial, information from other firms with regard to the creditworthiness of other parties.
  3. Documentary Proof:
    Letters serve as documentary proof. Letters can be used as documentary evidence in the Court of Law.
  4. Economical:
    Letters are an economical way of written communication. A message on pages (up to 20 gm) can be sent in merely Rupees 5 envelope all over
  5. Lasting Impact:
    Letters have a long-lasting impact on the readers. A verbal message may be misleading, but a written letter clears the complete picture.
Concept: Business Letters
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